Thursday, March 25, 2010


Everyone dreams about greatness. Those who achieve it have a little luck, plenty of
faith, and an unfailing determination. Determination is the driving force
behind every successful person, and requires patience and a strong heart.

I am not an extremely patient person. I also can’t deny that I have doubted my
efforts. A lot.

But I am learning through my little, "young adult life lesson” moments. There are
mornings when I wake up, thinking that there is no way in the world I could
ever make it in the big leagues. Then I drink some coffee and everything
seems right with the world again.

Caffeine-driven? Maybe. But keeping determination by your side can be quite a task. Every day
that passes can seem like another notch on the yardstick of broken dreams. (Yes
I did just use an incredibly awful metaphor. You’re welcome.)

Though it is a challenge, staying determined can not only keep up your stamina and
help your efforts of reaching your goals, but it can also make a world of
difference when it comes to your confidence. Saying “I can make it” instead of
“I don’t know why I got myself into this” is better than a bubbly foot soak
after a 3-hour hike uphill. It can be one of the most important things you ever

Let’s say, like me, you want to become a famous singer. Working hard, through
songwriting, performing, and networking, is the main thing you do to “make it
big”. Fate and luck, seem like the only other things that can control your destiny.
That is, of course, unless you let determination guide
you. Determination can help you stay focused on your goal.

Determination is a way of life. If you have a dream, go for it. Let nothing stand in the way.
If you believe with all your heart, everything in life will fall into place.
How do I know? Because the key to staying determined is optimism in your
everyday life.

There is so much power in the little things. Things that might go unnoticed. You get
to work safely in the morning. You make it to the movie theater just in time to
get the last two tickets. Your friend gives you the rest of her chocolate chip
muffin because she wasn’t hungry anymore. These things, if recognized and
appreciated, will help you to stay positive no matter what happens. And staying
positive is the caffeine for your mental stamina.

If you have dreamed a powerful dream, send it out to the world, and believe that you
truly deserve its success, then you almost
have everything you need. It is when you enjoy the ride, and never give up,
even if you hit a bump; that you will undoubtedly see your dreams come true.

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